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Miramichi Striper Cup 2018 Miramichi Striper Cup, May 25 - 27

youth results

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1David Murdock88.000view photo
2Shawna Doiron75.000view photo
3Zachary McCarthy73.000view photo
4Darcy Ashton72.000view photo
5Barbara Daigle69.000view photo
6Randy Waugh66.500view photo
7Cyril Poirier66.500view photo
8Jason cole63.500view photo
9Robert Godin63.000view photo
10Terry Poirier62.500view photo
11Jeremy McKinley61.000view photo
12Robert Lavoie61.000view photo
13Chelsea Girouard60.000view photo
14Tanya Matchett59.500view photo
15Cody Dickson58.000view photo
16Todd Breyton55.000view photo
17Thomas Laskey55.000view photo
18Mario Mazerolle54.000view photo
19Daniel Comfort53.000view photo
20Ricky Matchett53.000view photo
21Bill Bransfield50.000view photo
22Jean-Claude Sivert48.000view photo
23Oscar LeBlanc47.000view photo
24Sunny Weatherbee47.000view photo
25Mark Conroy47.000view photo
26Carrson Curtis47.000view photo
27John McIntyre45.000view photo
28Wayne Falconer43.000view photo
29George Ferris42.000view photo
30Hayley Babkirk39.000view photo
31Jason Turnbull37.000view photo
32Ricky Colborne16.500view photo
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