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Miramichi Striper Cup 2018 Miramichi Striper Cup, May 25 - 27

family results

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1Keith Henderson 90.000view photo
2Cyril Poirier85.000view photo
3Dale Gulliver84.000view photo
4Jeff Leroux-Lauziere83.820view photo
5Mark Kelly 83.000view photo
6Korey Sargent82.000view photo
7Jeff Gouchie82.000view photo
8Antoine Boivin-Paquet82.000view photo
9Marc Antoine Martineau82.000view photo
10Todd Fernandez81.000view photo
11Allyson breau80.250view photo
12Carson curtis80.000view photo
13Suzanne Cripps78.000view photo
14Terry Poirier76.000view photo
15Marcus Hachey76.000view photo
16Derek Girouard75.500view photo
17Eric Hannah74.000view photo
18Anabel Boudreau73.000view photo
19Shawna Doiron73.000view photo
20mark cripps72.500view photo
21Brian Hatch72.000view photo
22Cody geikie71.000view photo
23Grant Hendry70.000view photo
24Daniel Macdonald70.000view photo
25Don Thibodeau68.580view photo
26Ashley Hallihan68.000view photo
27Gabriel Drolet68.000view photo
28Rolene Betts67.000view photo
29Andrew Richardson66.500view photo
30Corey Downton-Poirier65.500view photo
31Nathan Cortes64.770view photo
32John Betts64.000view photo
33Jon weaver63.500view photo
34Richard Boivin-Paquet63.000view photo
35Jason mundell63.000view photo
36Kody Rolfe62.000view photo
37Maxime Gamache Poitras62.000view photo
38Alex Richard60.000view photo
39Antoine Baronet-Chemin60.000view photo
40William Balsor59.960view photo
41Stéphanie Légaré59.000view photo
42Jeff Silliker58.400view photo
43Jacqueline McEachern57.000view photo
44william robichaud57.000view photo
45Sylvain Comeau56.000view photo
46Bryan Morris54.000view photo
47Natasha Walsh54.000view photo
48Monette Daigle54.000view photo
49Hayley Babkirk54.000view photo
50Norma MacGregor53.500view photo
51Sonny Weatherbee53.340view photo
52Greg Masters53.000view photo
53Kevin Gallant53.000view photo
54Melvin Ripley53.000view photo
55Dustin Paul52.000view photo
56Friedrich Krahulec52.000view photo
57Luc Dignard51.500view photo
58Gabriel daigle51.000view photo
59Tabitha Masters50.000view photo
60Gerald Dignard50.000view photo
61Tammy Clark46.609view photo
62Ashleigh Reynolds46.000view photo
63Wayne Babkirk44.000view photo
64Logan Manuel44.000view photo
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